MDPV Side Effects


Latest news:

September 30, 2013:
We didn't expect Face Eating to be a side effect of MDPV, but it may be a culprit in a recent high-profile incident. Legislation Introduced To Ban MDPV.


MDPV Illegal:

You can't buy MDPV or mephedrone in the US legally, and you shouldn't buy it on the Internet from research chemical sites.

Methylenedioxypyrovalerone Hazards

Calls to poison control centers regarding MDPV Drug

The recent face-eating incident in Florida has brought new unwanted attention to the use of MDPV and all other drugs sold as "bath salts" at smoke shops and in other places. MDPV side effects can include agitation, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, and self-mutilation. For physical side effects, this drug can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, and other disturbances related to the fact that it is a stimulant, so therefore people with heart problems should be especially concerned. Known as the "bath salts drug" MDPV has had a hand in some suicides and assaults. People under the influence of this drug apparently get a craving for more, despite the negative experience of using the drug, so it can quickly cause bank accounts  to be drained thanks to the $25 to $50 cost of each vial or packet.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: There is a certain amount of media hype related to MDPV but this may also be because teenagers have found a new way to harm themselves and others. Imagine a car being driven by a person experiencing delusions from a drug that is otherwise legal, and you can understand the dangers of MDPV drug use.